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We believe it is important for all grade-school students to get access to content that encourages them to get outside and enjoy nature while they learn and apply important scientific skills. To achieve this goal we have created extremely affordable small collections of common insects that can typically be found on school grounds and in backyards. We are excited to do our part to provide inspirational experiences to young people to help nudge them toward putting in the effort to pursue a career in Science, Biology, Medicine, Forestry, Agriculture, Police Forensics, or Engineering.

Kids will be mesmerized as you talk about insects and simultaneously rotate to any body part to point it out. It is interactive, fun, and makes learning easier. The details are amazing because the scans are of real-life insects.

Insects 3D Spin - General - $5/group ($0.20 each person)

A general collection of a dozen insects commonly found in most school-grounds and backyards.

Learn about interesting body parts by clicking on Latin terms to see the bug rotate around and zoom-in on what is being described.

Have fun working with others in your group by marking insect sightings on the included map for each bug you find.

The lesson can be customized to your curriculum needs by discussing: the type of environment that each bug was found in, google the kind of food that each bug might eat, what animals rely on these bugs as food, and how important each bug is for pollinating different crops that humans eat.

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All classroom content provides a safe online learning environment for students and kids by only allowing people you invite to see your work and insect sightings. This content can be accessed on any device: phones, tablets, chromebooks, laptops, desktop PC's, using Microsoft, Apple, Android, Linux, operating systems.

Order the Bug Hunter Coloring/Activity book from

Looking for something your students can hold in their hands while outside in the backyard? Kids can have fun pretending to be real life scientists out in the field collecting and observing insects in their natural habitat. They can label, color and add species specific details to each of the 26 insects found in the book. There is even a bug collection box on the back cover for students to sketch in what they have found during their bug hunting expedition.

Checkout Amazon to get a more detail description and see what is inside the book.

Make a difference that counts in educating our young minds.
Order Bug Hunter coloring/activity books for your class.

Lesson Plans Anyone?

Check this resource out for ideas on how to use Insects 3D Spin - General in your classroom. Great for substitute teachers or any teacher wanting to get their kids jazzed about class.
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