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Every item in our collection can be rotated up/down/left/right, zoomed-in on, and measured. It's like having access to a professional lab microscope in your living-room... but better!

Our focus is to make interactive imagery so engaging that general public understands and then cares about nature and its hidden treasures. It gets kids excited and engaged so they go outside to explore the backyard. We accomplish our goals by bridging the knowledge gap that keeps the public from reading scientific papers and research. We make it fun to learn in three important ways:

  Pique interest so the learning process can begin
  Simplify terms so the learning process continues
  Self directed and engaging so learning is fun

Kids and the public have the ability to understand the concepts of how and why, as long as difficult terminology is simply defined. Therefore, we reduce the challenge that keeps most people from even beginning the learning process.

We are scanning as fast as our resources allow, yet have only scratched the tip of the ice-(bug)-berg. As of July 2014, the estimated time-of-completion is a mere 327 years. Do you want to help us go faster?

What we do and why we do it

We are leaders in developing electronic presentation, outreach, and education tools that bring emotion, clarity, and engagement to the conversation. By enabling more collaboration between colleagues, students, and those government officials responsible for funding allocations, we hope to enable citizen-scientists to assist surveying invasive species. This will give everyone the thrill and opportunity of exploring insects and their biodiversity. The results are a stronger and more profound connection with nature.


President Zalom's 2014 theme, “Grand Challenges Beyond Our Horizons,” highlighted his vision to maximize the contribution of entomology to improving the human condition by establishing a global grand challenge initiative for entomology.

ESA Annual Meeting 2014

Entomology 2014, ESA's Annual Meeting, was held November 15-19, 2014 in Portland, Oregon. More than 3,400 attendees participated in Entomology 2014 in Portland, Oregon. 2014 theme, “Grand Challenges Beyond Our Horizons”.

Photos of Exhibit Hall on Flickr

BC Science Teachers Conference
October 2014

Catalyst 2014 -
Quality Science Professional Development. Organized by Teachers, For Teachers.
H.J. Cambie Secondary School - Richmond, B.C.

BC Science Teachers Associations

The theme was "A Global Society for a Global Science" -- which celebrates a new vision for the Society. The theme for Entomology 2012 was successful in attracting a large number of high quality symposia. Nearly 3,000 people attended Entomology 2012, with meeting attendees coming from 49 different countries. The meeting featured 103 Symposia and a total of 2,485 presentations, including 405 posters and 230 student competition posters, plus 33 virtual posters.

ESA Annual Meeting 2012

Entomology 2012, ESA's 60th Annual Meeting, was held November 11-14, 2012 in Knoxville, TN.

2012 Exhibitors List:

How we're funded

Every dollar you donate goes directly toward activities involving scanning more insects and accomplishing our mission of putting science into the minds of the general public. By making science easier to understand, our vision strives for a tighter knit between nature, the environment, and a community that cares. We accept funding through the on-going support of our members, corporate sponsors, grants, foundations, and advertisements.

Rather than just waving our hands and talking the big talk, our actions have proven that we actually get the work done with engineering efficiency. We are excited to have already built the largest spinning, fully interactive, insect collection in the world.

We are scanning as fast as our resources allow, yet have only scratched the tip of the ice-(bug)-berg. As of July 2014, the estimated time-of-completion is a mere 327 years.
You can help us go faster.

Getting in contact with us

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