Did you know, you can rotate and magnify this insect?

These are interactive photographs. Put the mouse overtop of the insect,
press-hold the mouse button and drag to rotate up / down / left / right.
Magnify using the mouse wheel to see extraordinary details.
Click the "1:1 lifesize" icon to see how small this insect is on your screen.
Use the measure tool by selecting it on the tool bar, then press-hold the mouse button over-top of the insect and drag to measure the width of a single hair.
Have fun exploring this insect!

Did You See This?

It's Okay. It's Java and it lets you rotate, zoom and measure the bug of the day.
Click "Run".

Tell me more...

If you didn't see it, then download Java at java.com it's free on a billion devices.

Getting Kids Outside

Todayís kids might find it hard to get outside because there is nothing to do. But being bored is just a mental block. It's so much easier to do things you already feel comfortable with like playing video games, texting or watching TV.

Let's get our kids outside enjoying nature by organizing a bug hunt! It is great family time. Experiencing nature by bug hunting is fun and somewhat addicting. Once the kids get a hang of it, they will have loads excitement heading outdoors in search of the next interesting insect they can find.

The more kids learn about insects the more interesting insects become. Adults do not generally like insects but we should all try. Itís easyÖ just grab a couple of Ziploc bags and head outside. When you find an interesting little creature up high or down low, carefully scoop them up into one of your bags. Now you do not have to worry about touching the insect but you can look at him from top to bottom. Take a picture, or visit this website to see if you can identify what you have. After you are done open the bag and let your insect go.

Check This Guy Out

Visit the library to see more insects. See More

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