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Basic User: This package is recommended for students studying insects at university because of its short duration. The $ for a 4 month semester gives you access to the whole 3D Insect library to coincide with a specific course. You no longer have to wait for scheduled lab times to see insects under the microscope, now you can study identifying characteristics at anytime in your room or even in the field.

Standard User: This package is recommended for insect collectors and explorers of all ages. The $ standard package provides access to the whole 3D Insect library for one year. It offers strong economic value at 40% less than the cost of renewing the basic package.

Power User: This package is ideal for teachers from kindergarten to high school. It gives you access to the whole 3D insect library as well as specialized educational tools used to develop course content for presentations on a smartboard. This package is only recommended if you are an educator looking to provide highly interactive and engaging course content for your students. You should also be technically minded and well versed in using other forms of high tech products to teach and engage your students. The Power user is $ for one year. (Beta version)

Extreme User: This package is only recommended to those people who wish to have an insect scanned and develop your own content. Only upgrade to this package if you are in need of an insect not currently in the library. If you are a grad student writing a paper or publishing your dissertation, you may want to consider this package as a method of marketing your research and future career prospecting. The Extreme user is $ per year for access to the whole 3D insect library.

Professional: This package is for independent consultants involved in freelance work. It gives you the chance to brand your own page with the insects you specialize in. You can use this technology to help with just-in-time identification while on the phone. It reduces travel and decreases the turn-around-time for insect identification. The Professional user is $ for one year access to the whole 3D insect library.

All packages above provide access to the whole 3D Insect library. Each interactive insect in the collection includes search terms that bring up google search pages.

Visit In The Classroom for content starting at $5 per classroom ($0.20 per student). We believe it is important for all grade-school students to get access to content that encourages them to get outside and enjoy nature while they learn and apply important scientific skills. To achieve this goal we have created extremely affordable small collections of common insects that can typically be found on school grounds and in backyards. We are excited to do our part to provide inspirational experiences to young people to help nudge them toward putting in the effort to pursue a career in Science, Biology, Medicine, Forestry, Agriculture, Police Forensics, or Engineering.

We also have packages available for individuals involved in insect identification and collaboration between institutions. If you are one of these experts with appropriate credentials then email us directly.

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